Samsung teams with BTS for special edition Galaxy S20+ and Buds+

Samsung teams with BTS for special edition Galaxy S20+ and Buds+

Calling all BTS fans: get ready to step up your Army game with some new merchandise — particularly a smartphone. On July 9, which marks the seventh anniversary since the fandom first received its name, Samsung is releasing a BTS-edition Galaxy S20+.
On the outside, the special edition S20+ features a glass back in the signature BTS purple complete with a purple heart design on the camera module. In the box, you’ll also get stickers that you can use to decorate the phone. 
Samsung has also thrown in some photo cards of the band members to hang on your wall or maybe carry with you in your wallet (I don’t judge).

It also comes complete with a BTS-themed box.
The phone includes pre-installed BTS-inspired themes as well, so you can make sure your wallpaper matches the exterior of the device. It also comes equipped with Korean communication app Weverse — a fan community platform for K-pop bands and musicians. 
But wait, Samsung isn’t coming out with only a phone. To add to the look, Samsung has also launched BTS-edition Galaxy Buds+. 
The new earbuds have a purple and black color scheme with a charging case to match. On one earbud is the BTS logo while on the other is the purple heart. And, as with the S20+, the Galaxy Buds+ come with photo cards of the K-pop sensation right in the box. 
If you’re part of the BTS Army and hesitating to splurge on either device, you can read up on our reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+. Having reviewed the Galaxy S20 myself, I can say that it’s an excellent option.

Complete the look with a pair of BTS-themed Galaxy Buds+.
Given the fact that BTS is known for selling out its shows, you’ll definitely want to jump on purchasing these ASAP if you feel like you will want one.
Starting on June 19, BTS editions of the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ will be available for pre-order on Samsung’s site but pricing has yet to be confirmed.
Those who pre-order either of the devices will also receive a limited edition BTS poster. Additionally, pre-ordered Galaxy Buds+ will come bundled a BTS wireless charging pad.
Of course, Samsung notes these offers are “for a limited time and while supplies last.” So, be sure to add the pre-order date to your calendar, write it in your planner, set an alarm, etc., like any true fan would.


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