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FAtech is a private installation services company incorporated in September 2009, by the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990. 


guruspointincome is a social and life helping platform where you can read post update from a different category of important information, not just a news platform but more, as you can earn from the platform for reading and commenting on the news you read.


Trendiestv is a blog website that focuses on delivery entertainment, news, sports, crypto news and other related stories.

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With mobile-first internet traffic and the increase of 5G user-base, responsiveness is at the heart of our design strategy. Our websites are adaptable to different devices, screen sizes and browsers.
Intuitive, highly functional and engaging – these are the key qualities we strive for in our web designs. We go beyond customer journeys to recognize the importance of functionality in user experience. From loading times to sophisticated security features, we always ensure your website deliver superior experience.
We focus on content both as a web design element and as an important marketing tool. As a design element, it works synergistically with its environment, giving it depth and context. As a marketing tool, it fuels SEO value, as well as motivates on-site activity.

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Digital Agency FAQs

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What does a web design company do?
A web design company collaborates with clients to create a digital presence for brands to drive awareness and generate leads or sales. Web design agencies specialize in planning, creating, optimizing and maintaining professional websites that engage visitors, rank in search engine results and reach highly qualified prospects.
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What services does a website design company offer?
A personalized strategy to help you meet your business goals On-brand messaging to effectively communicate your company’s unique value proposition Wireframing to show layout and features of landing pages UX and UI design Frontend and backend development Quality assurance Dev ops for assisting with hosting and server configuration Some web design companies also offer marketing services to attract qualified visitors
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How do website designers charge for their services?
For custom websites, the cost is based on the amount of time and people needed to complete the project. Your potential partner should give you a clear estimate up front about the final cost of your web design project.
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5 questions to ask before hiring a web design agency
1. Can you show me some projects you have worked on in my industry or those with similar challenges? 2. Who are the team members that will be working on my project and what are their qualifications? 3. What is your process or methodology for designing and building a custom website? 4. What are your hourly rates and how many hours will you invest into my project? 5. You should interview the person that will be leading your project and ask them how often will they be updating you and communicating with you?
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What is the difference between hiring a web design company and creating a website in-house?
The benefits of hiring a web design company versus designing a website in-house include: Access to experts with proven track records and top-of-the-line tools Insights into the latest trends and know-how Full website optimization for different devices and search engines Ownership of your project by a highly qualified team
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What sets Harryscope Digital Solutions apart as an effective web design agency?
Harryscope Digital Solutions team of leading industry experts work through a strategic and proven process to create top-notch web designs for clients while staying true to each individual brand’s unique qualities. By partnering with Harryscope Digital Solutions, you can expect transparent communication with regular reporting, detailed time tracking and streamlined execution. At Harryscope Digital Solutions, we treat your project as our own and we create websites that leave a lasting impression.
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What unique web design services does Harryscope Digital Solution provide?
At Harryscope Digital Solutions, we take a four-step approach to designing and developing a website:

1. Digital Strategy

The Digital Strategy begins with a kickoff call, where the project team leader starts a discovery phase process with the client. We then proceed with an in-depth overview of the business model and the client’s digital marketing goals.

At this stage, we perform competitive research and analysis to gain a deep understanding of the market, and identify the client’s competitors, their industry landscape as well as analyzing website performance.

These insights are then used to define the brand’s unique value proposition, target audience and personas, outline a data-driven conversion funnel, and conduct a comprehensive keyword research.

Additionally, we define CMS capabilities and document key performance indicators.

2. Messaging & Planning

During the website planning and messaging phase, the insights gained from the digital strategy process are used to create an effective web design plan and engaging messaging for the website.

At this stage we optimize messaging for header sections to showcase unique value proposition and we identify the users’ needs to help us strategically plan the journey of the conversion funnel, while also defining strong and diverse CTA’s that will engage users throughout their journey. 3. Creative design & mockup

At this stage, our award-winning designers add color and imagery, define typography, and apply any additional elements to wireframes.

Both desktop and mobile designs are then shown to the client for feedback and approval. The approved design is then converted into a style guide and passed on to the development team. 4. Development, quality assurance, testing & launch

At the development stage, Harryscope Digital Solutions dedicates a collaborative team of expert front-end and back-end developers to build a fully custom solutions while maintaining the previously defined visual aspects.

The website is reviewed on multiple browsers and tested on multiple devices, including desktop, mobile and tablet to ensure its responsiveness.

Lastly, we plan and customize the CMS and provide client training on the CMS so they can add and update content internally.

Once the website is ready for launch, we move into the quality assurance phase where we ensure proper front-end and back-end performance and functionality.

We also make sure the website is secure, loading speed is optimal, and that the code is optimized for best SEO results.
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What should I expect from a professional web design company?
When partnering with a professional web design company, you should expect the following: The agency should take proactive leadership of the project. The agency should provide in-house experts in their field, not only executing your ideas, but providing new ideas, feedback, and suggestions. The agency should take a strategic approach, ensuring planning and strategy phases are properly outlined and executed by the entire team. The agency should provide marketing insights, analysis, and recommendations based on comprehensive evaluation of the client’s business and current marketing efforts. The agency should deliver on expectations and deliverables, but also ensure that the work generates measurable results that will achieve your goals and drive your business forward. The agency should be transparent. That includes regular communication and reporting, detailed time tracking and streamlined execution.
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How do I decide what I need from a web design agency to benefit my business?
Approximately 380 new websites go live every minute and 90% of visitors bounce due to poor design. This means fierce competition for businesses. A web design agency should be focused on creating outstanding sites that capture the users’ attention. Web design agencies should provide the design and development of your website, online ecommerce store or custom digital platform. It may be an online portfolio, a simple web presentation to showcase your services or a complete eCommerce solution with thousands of product pages and various functionalities. Regardless, every company that wants to grow online needs a partner who will provide expert opinions to help them build their website and improve their business performance.
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How do I know if I need to hire a web design company?
Signs that you should consider hiring a web design company include:

You need a custom website with specific needs or brand requirements You need complex integrations for traffic or security

Your website is outdated and needs a unique, modern design

You are lagging behind your competitors

You are not achieving your expected goals

You are not reaching your target audience

You need help with your website but don’t know where to start
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